The first leadership diagnostic tool based entirely on Values

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The model on which the LeadershipbyValues ​​tool is based has been created after more than 25 years of scientific research in the field of Values ​​and is based on the concepts described in the bestsellers: Managing by Values and Coaching by values by Simon Dolan.

The Tool

Designed in a way that the leader can go through all 4 stages of the assessment , or select his/her discretion any single stage or a combination, depending on needs and requirements


The only training program get to know the tool thoroughly, know how to use it and interpret the diagnosis that emerges from it.

“LeadershipbyValues was a very practical and useful tool for me. You are quickly presented with the model and which accompanies you in making decisions towards the values that define your leadership style. On the other hand, having also identified the values perceived in the organization it is easy to see the possible Gaps when comparing with your personal model and see the possibilities of development. The output produced is very visual, which allows you to take very focused action responsibilities”.

Carolina Bautista Martín

People development Iberia Endesa Grupo Enel | Responsible Internal Network of Coaching Endesa

The 4 stages that the leader goes through during the diagnosis are:

Stage 1. Knowledge and alignment of your Personal Values.

The leaders identify their preferred Triaxial Model, which allows them to become aware and to understand what type of values ​​(Economic-Pragmatic, Ethical-Social or Emotional) are predominant.


Stage 2. Alignment of Leader’s Values and Company Values.

When there are no shared values, there is no compromise. At this stage we identify whether the organization’s Values ​​Model is shared by the leader and whether it is consistent with the Values ​​declared by the Company.


Stage 3. Developing trust with Your Team

Trust can be measured and categorized into 3 dimensions. With the Model we identify and quantify the trust that the collaborators have in their leader and we detect which of the axes predominates and which may need to be improved.

Stage 4. The 9 competences of LeadershipbyValues


The Model identifies 3 dimensions related to the Triaxial Model that consist of 3 concrete abilities in each axis. Thus, we measure which competence are reasonably already developed (i.e. leader strengths), and which needs to be improved.


Inma Colilla

Inma Colilla

Commercial Delegate, Project Manager | European Center for Executive Coaching (CECE)

Collaborating with Noelia and David in a leadership training project has been a fantastic experience. The leadershipbyvalues is a very useful tool and model that provide great value, given the importance of the congruence of the value system to help people and leaders in an organization achieving excellent performance and results without an emotional cost. Their capacity to transmit information and the practical methodology they use makes their training very enriching.

Inma Colilla

Commercial Delegate, Project Manager | European Center for Executive Coaching

 Mónica Miguel García

Mónica Miguel García

Leadershipbyvalues® is a tool that innovates in the way of accompanying companies and professionals to achieve their objectives, putting technology at the service of people. Create reports that are so significant that they help identify the leadership indexes and the level of trust of each professional and organizations of such high level, which saves time in the design of strategies because, among other things, KPI’s are created. And the best thing is that people connect very well with the tool and that makes my work more efficient.

The LeadershipbyValues ​​Diagnostic Tool is intended for Organizations that seek to develop a Leadership style based on Values backed by scientifically validated approach