International Certification LeadershipbyValues

Turn the values of the company into something more than words loaded with good intentions.

Values are the DNA of the behavior of individuals and organizations

Do you want to know if the declared values of your organization correspond to the values perceived by your employees?

Do you want to improve your recruitment and selection processes by identifying your real organizational culture and the people that best fit that culture and your corporate values?

Do you want to know in which values your employees base their decisions to have a better alignment of people and business goals?

Would you like to have easy and validated tools with which to make more coherent decisions aligned with the values of the company?

Do you want to analyze in detail and depth the leadership capacities of the individuals and their fit on a global level in order to guide their development?
Do you perceive in the day to day the passivity and lack of commitment of the workers who do not feel identified with the common project?
Do you want to find out what your collaborator based the trust of the leaders of the company and what skills those leaders have to support it?


The Model helps you in the task of:

Promoting cultural transformations and managing change coherently

It is imperative to work the invisible part of culture (values and beliefs) to create solid transformations.

You will have solid information to determine if employees are aligned with the corporate culture and the changes it faces.

This will reduce staff turnover, enrich teams that are already running, and make decisions based on data.

Developing the potential and integrity of leaders and people

Knowing the values will allow you to understand what criteria people’s decisions obey, thus understanding their past and future behavior. In addition, the tool will reveal what the value they bring to the organization, indicating also which are the areas to work to develop their leadership.

Create committed and motivated work teams

Conocer los valores percibidos y el nivel de confianza te ayudará a entender cuál es la lógica de comportamiento de las personas que constituyen los equipos.

De esa manera, promoverás el mutuo entendimiento entre las personas, respetarás todas sus voces y generarás un clima de confianza y compañerismo.

“LeadershipbyValues ​​has proven to be a very practical tool and, in a dynamic and visual way, helps to recognize those values ​​on which each builds their own style of leadership. In addition, facilitates the identification of the perceived values ​​within an organization and, from there, allows to make a comparative analysis with personal values, to see where the discrepancies are and to check the possibilities for development. This visualization allows a deep knowledge and motivates to take concrete actions”

Elisa QuartaTraining and Evaluation | People and Organization

Who is the International Certification addressed to?

Profesionales de Recursos Humanos (RRHH)

Company or department managers

Consultants, Trainers and executive or organizational coaches

The model on which the LeadershipbyValues tool is based has been created after more than 25 years of scientific research in the field of values and is based on the concepts described in the bestsellers: Values Management and Values Coaching by Simon Dolan.

LeadershipbyValues will allow you to:

Know and align the values of leaders and company.

Los valores dejarán de ser una simple enumaración que puede leerse en la web corporativa

Developing Authentic, honest and consistent Leaders.

By identifying and aligning their values, leaders will make more coherent decisions.

Give meaning to the effort of people.

Incrementarás la propuesta de valor de las personas a la vez que perciben cuáles son sus verdaderas fortalezas

Measure, improve and control the level of trust.

Contarás con 1 metodología con la que generar una cultura corporativa basada en la confianza y el compañerismo

Identify the strengths and weaknesses of leaders

Thanks to the leader’s 9 skills, you will know how to develop the potential and also the areas that need attention

Generate a corporate culture based on trust.

No sólo se desarrollarán los líderes, sino que también lo harán las personas que tienen a su cargo

What does International Certification include?

The license to use the online tool for 3 years

Access or license is only granted to those who complete the program.

300 credits of the diagnostic tool

(Valued at 300 €) To produce reports.

Customized training

Certifications are limited to groups of 20 people max.

Be part of the LeadershipbyValues Community

In which you can exchange case studies and experiences.

Your complete report of the 4 phases in which the tool is divided

In the following section, you will discover what each stage consists of.

Formative process and follow-up

The program includes 16 hours of intensive training plus 3 group mentoring sessions.

Tras certificarme en LeadershipbyValues puedo confirmar que es una herramienta muy potente para diagnosticar la cultura y valores en una empresa, así como para desarrollar líderes íntegros que puedan obtener resultados excepcionales alineados en valores. Sin duda, un método muy recomendable para implementar, y que va a revolucionar el mundo de las organizaciones.

General Manager & Co-founder en BRANDTY


Stages of the Training Program

The International Certification is oriented to you, in order to experience in first person with the tool before using it with your clients or employees. This way, you will understand the way it works and how it is integrated with the Triaxial Model of Values enunciated by Simon Dolan in Coaching by Values.

Throughout the training program, you will understand the 4 stages in which the tool has been divided from the interpretation of your own model and the practical cases.

Stage 1

Personal values

Collaborators get a picture of what their main personal values and, therefore, their Triaxial Model of values in a quick, simple and very visual.

Stage 2

The perceived values

Collaborators select the values they perceive from their organization according to their way they are living it and those are compared with the values declared by the organization. Completing this phase quickly obtains a picture of the corporate culture and which axis of the model predominates.

Stage 3

Trust Model

Aimed primarily at the leaders of the organization. This 360º measures the level of trust the person generates among its collaborators and shows the leader’s performance in the dimensions of trust according to the 3 legs Model (Reliability, Interest and Harmony).


Stage 4

The 9 LeadershipbyValues Skills

Finally, in this 360º previous values and confidence take shape in a wheel that indicate what are the weaknesses and strengths of the leader. This wheel, divided into 9 blocks, provides a work plan on which skills stand out and which have room for improvement.



David Alonso García

Bachelor of Business Administration, Master in Business Management, Master Practitioner in Programming-Neurolinguistics and Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by International Coach Federation (ICF) with over 1,900 hours of experience in Coaching Processes. He has given lectures and trainings in different Spanish speaking countries attended by more than 15,000 people and is the Creator of the Community of CoachingxValores. Together with Simon Dolan, he has created the LeadershipbyValues Online Diagnostic Tool, based on the Tri-Axis Model of Values.

Noelia Alonso García

HR professional. Coach, trainer and organizational consultant specializing in Leadership. Trainer in LeadershipbyValuess and Certified in CoachingxValores. Trained as Coach by the European Institute of Coaching and NLP Practitioner by the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™. Graduated in Labor Relations from the University of Barcelona and a Masters in Human Resources Management from EADA Business School.

Certification granted by

Simon Dolan

Simon Dolan. Doctor of Work Psychology, author of more than 70 books, Professor at ESADE, director of the Chair “The Future of Work” and CEO at Global Future of Work Foundation. President of the Board of Trustees Co-founder of E-merit Academy. Creator of the concept, methodology and tools “Coaching by Values”. Founder of Gestion M.D.S. consulting (Canada). Highly requested speaker on future work topics, cultural reengineering, innovative training and leadership.

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